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Ascend Performance Materials A leader in the supply and manufacturing of world-class chemicals, fibers, and plastic products. Ascend approached Herring Design in 2017 to conduct a visual audit of their corporate brand and existing materials. Once the audit was completed, Herring developed an overall brand identity that could be applied to all their communications. Starting in 2019 I began working on a wide assortment of Ascend projects with an overall goal of corporate cohesion.

Client: Ascend Performance Materials
Creative Director: Doug Timmermeyer
Studio: Herring Design


Much of our work for Ascend included printed materials ranging from capability and product brochures to ads to yearly calendars. The diversity of sizing posed unique challenges in working with the existing brand elements – each item needed to have its own character while still maintaining brand unity when viewed holistically.

Programs used: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft word, and Microsoft Excel


Ascend uses a variety of publications to communicate company goals and achievements. I designed the layout for two of these publications, The Sustainability Report and the Ascend Cares Foundation (see below). 

Ascend Sustainability Report (download)   ︎︎︎
Ascend Cares Report (download)   ︎︎︎


Like many large manufacturers, Ascend exhibits their technology at many trade shows. I worked closely with the client, booth designer and printer to create graphics that would translate well to a variety of physical spaces. Below you will see an example of a booth I worked on for one of Ascend’s largest trade shows in Germany.

︎2022 Portfolio