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Building a sustainable visual language

Devon Energy Corporation is an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company. Devon approached Herring Design in 2021 to develop a visual language that communicated the company’s sustainability initiatives, both to its employees and to the public. That language needed to be both clean and legible across multiple formats. It also needed to work well with the current brand look to remain cohesive with the company’s current appearance. Devon’s sustainability message has two main audiences: Industry-specific individuals and customers.

ROLELead Designer

CLIENTDevon Energy


STUDIOHerring Design


Sustainability Report

Industry-specific individuals, such as stakeholders or industry experts, have a preexisting understanding of the content and will be looking for certain details. Due to this audience’s knowledge, an interactive sustainability report was designed for ease of navigation with multiple entry points into the text. This allows the reader to easily engage with the content and quickly find information they’re seeking.

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Social Media and Web Presence

Devon’s customers receive the company’s product – energy – but likely aren’t interested in statistics surrounding it’s sustainability. Rather, they are more interested in knowing that they are using a company that is sustainable for their energy needs. The company plans to communicate with this audience through digital outreach via social media and a corporate microsite. We developed a system of social media templates that were versatile and accommodating to photos of varying quality. We then trained Devon’s communication team on how to use these templates so that they could operate them independently of the designer.

Next, we worked with a third-party developer to build a microsite that the company’s social media links back to. This site is highly filterable and acts as a homepage for Devon’s efforts in the community.



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