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Strengthening a company’s visual identity

Galaxy FBO is a luxury gas station for private aviation. This unique market also requires a unique design approach. They combine luxury with approachability; over-the-top service with utility. The nuance of this challenge required in-depth knowledge of their user and competitors to find their footing in such a niche market. In this rebrand our deliverables were to refine and simplify the logo, build a new  color and type palette and develop a fully custom website.

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ROLELead Designer


STUDIOPrinciple Design

Brand Immersion

We took a tour of the facility, walking the many different paths that a typical user would take and finally settled into a conference room where we began discussing the nitty gritty. From that meeting, we identified their primary users, their ideal tone of voice and their current issues with their existing brand. Our conclusions were as follows:

+ Base tenants 
+ Prospective tenants 
+ Pilots 
+ Schedulers 
+ Other FBOs

+ SIMPLIFY and streamline their current logo to enhance the appearance of the “rocket”, the “moon”, and the “flame”.

+ CREATE an expanded color palette that considers their existing signage and the wide variety of reds that live in the current environment.

+ BUILD a refined type palette that provides visual depth and texture to their internal and external communications, providing a tone of voice that matches their sophisticated audience.

photos of current use of color and logo

Refined color palette

New type palette

Web Design

Following the approval of the new visual language, we began the web design phase of our rebrand, starting with analysis and discovery we interviewed the client to understand the needs of the current site and what questions were most commonly asked when their concierge was called/what did the employees most commonly find themselves repeating. We also reviewed there current Google analytics data to understand where the users were going versus where they needed to be. Using our insights, I then translated this into a site map, building from the existing site structure and noting where we could remove redundancies and expand clarity.

I then translated the site map into grey scale wire frames, ideating through ways to visualize the different information sets from the site map. Our key priorities were to build a welcoming home page, engaging location pages that allow transient visitors to quickly understand each airports offerings and an informative hangar space page for clients looking for a new home base.

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Proposed sitemap
Greyscale wire frames



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