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Developing a resource

In the fall of 2023, Houstonians elected a new mayor for the first time in nearly a decade.
As part of the Landing’s election coverage, I spent the summer collaborating with the newsroom to create an election guide that highlighted questions and concerns for mayoral candidates that came directly from Houstonians. The microsite prominently featured a “how to” section on the ins and outs of voting in this local election.

Experience the microsite

ROLELead Designer



The primary output for this project was to build a microsite that acted as a resource to aid all Houstonians in electing their next mayor. Our reporter held numerous interviews with Houstonians, gathering data on what questions were at the top of every ones minds. We synthesized the topics down and then I worked with the reporter to identify any concerns that we needed to factor for when entering design. These concerns included things like a plethora of candidates, dense and complicated information, a general lack of urgency of the users different levels of understanding of the process of voting in local elections.

Content planning and structure
Initial wireframing


Designed to be a one-stop shop for any and all things related to Houston’s 2023 Mayoral Election we created a mobile-first microsite that prioritized two sections: The eligible mayoral candidates and the physical process of voting. 


A big part of this project was the product strategy and guiding the reporters, editors, developers and audience team through a systemized approach. I outlined three main outlets for our mayoral coverage: The microsite, and pop up newsletter and a category page on our main site. 

Through this product breakdown I also identified two potential printed engagement opportunities: A brochure and a postcard.



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